Contributed talks

Tomaš Apih
Nuclear magnetic resonance study of hydrogen storage in complex metallic alloys
Ivo Batistić
Modeling the transport properties of Taylor-phase and decagonal Al3(Mn,Fe) complex intermetallics
Thomas Duguet
Bond coats
Đuro Drobac
Phase transition in diluted, disordered magnetic alloys
Holger Euchner
Vibrational properties of ZnMg phases - probing MgZn2 and Mg2Zn11
Oliver Gröning
Spectroscopy using STM
Peter Jeglič
NMR evidence for molecular groups trapped in cages of Co4Al13 and Fe4Al13
Julian Ledieu
CMA's as templates
Tim Noakes
MEIS studies of CMA surfaces
Miroslav Očko
Preferred orientation in Zn and the Zn-based alloys obtained by the mill for the Ultra-rapid quenching
Ramir Ristić
Correlation between electronic structure, mechanical properties and stability of Te-TL metallic glasses
Hem Raj Sharma
Novel Ag-based CMA surfaces